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I’ve compiled a list of the most frequent questions that I have received over my career. It’s normal and encouraged for patients to ask many questions when choosing to work with a licensed Psychologist. Here are some answers to the questions I receive the most. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please get in touch.

Child Psycholgist

Do you use Freudian or Jungian analysis techniques?

Although I do value what the "Father of Psychology" has contributed to this field, because without him there would be no us, I do not use many of Freud's techniques/theories during my sessions. 

Therapy Session

Do you offer sliding scale rates?

Yes, I do offer a sliding scale. I believe that everyone should have access to the resources available to address their emotional and mental well-being. 


How long does each therapy session take?

 Due to using a Person-Centered approach, the time used in sessions varies. I have clients that need as little as 15 minutes, and there are others that utilize the full 45 minutes.

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